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 Those challenging Sri Lanka s sovereignty to be dealt seriously

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PostSubject: Those challenging Sri Lanka s sovereignty to be dealt seriously   Tue Aug 11, 2009 1:18 pm

Those challenging Sri Lanka s sovereignty to be dealt seriously

As Kumaran Pathmanathn, the `new generation` LTTE chief began singing in the `lock up`, Sri Lanka sleuths are into a celebration mood for the breakthrough in breaking the back of the Tiger remnants.

While how the cross-border Tigers` arms smuggler based in South-east Asia was trapped remains to be told another day, it is generally acknowledged that Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa made very meticulous planning to track down the overseas remnants.

This planning was a part of the challenge he had accepted at the behest of his elder brother- President in November 2005 and vowed to eliminate terrorism from the soil of the emerald island. So it must be gratifying that his `overseas` success came so soon after vanquishing the Tigers at home in their very lair.

The Kumaran Pathmanathan (K.P.) catch has sent out a clear, strong signal to anyone who supports terrorist organizations and terrorism targeted against Lanka. It is that the sleuths of Sri Lanka and the authorities in friendly countries will hunt them down quietly and bring them to book to stand trial on charges of treason.

K. P. is a prize catch. No doubt. There are many others like members of the Tiger Tamil diaspora in the British Tamil Forum in United Kingdom, leaders of the World Tamil Movement in Toronto and many in France, Germany, Denmark, Norway and even in United States of America. Asian Tribune learns that these leaders have begun to cover their tracks fearing a trap at every bend. Their fear, according to informed sources, is that, the host countries may not be too considerate in the days ahead.

Black List

Informed sources in Colombo said Sri Lanka Government has prepared a black list of more than one hundred overseas Tamils. They are involved in `treasonable` activities against the sovereign country Sri Lanka and the democratically elected Government. Immigrations authorities are expected to take stern action against the blacklisted who tries to visit Sri Lanka.

Colombo has demonstrated how terrorism can be put down even in this day and age and how the high decibel noise of human rights campaigners can be taken in the stride without turning in pale. This has foot the fear of god in the demi-gods of Tamil Tiger camp. The Lanka diaspora particularly the Tamil groups don`t want to be seen in the company of financiers, arms smugglers and lobbyists all these and their camp followers shined in the reflex shadow of Prabhakaran who, to the uninitiated West, had appeared as a darling from a faraway dream land.

Now as Prabhakaran returned to the five elements in the Lanka month of alternate sun shine and shower, the dreams lay shattered. And skeletons tumbling from the Wanni Chest have put the arc light on a facet of Prabhakaran, his spin masters had tried to hide skillfully a facet of ruthlessness, thirst for blood, and megalomania.

Asian Tribune understands that the many western countries have expressed readiness to help Colombo in brining to book elements that continue to challenge the sovereign Sri Lankan nation. South East and Far East Asian nations are no less willing to help and it is demonstrated by the arrest and deportation of Kumaran Pathmanathn, the arms smuggler.

It is learnt that they are targeting Perinpanayagam Sivaparan, nom de guerre Nediyavan who is presently based in Oslo. He took up cudgels with Kumaran Pathmanathn for the leadership the remnant LTTE groups outside Sri Lanka. The most wanted on the priority list appear to be the members of the advisory committee and the coordinator behind the formation of a Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam. The leaders are said to be aiding and abetting the bifurcation of Sri Lanka.

According to the June 16 press statement issued by Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran, Coordinator of the Committee for the formation of a Provisional Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam, the Formation Committee is made up of a core team and many subcommittees on a country and sector basis. The Formation Committee is supported by an Advisory Committee of experts in various fields.

Professor M Sornarajah (UK), Professor Francis Boyle (USA), Professor P. Ramasamy (Malaysia) Professor Rev A.J.C Chandrakanthan (Canada), Professor Nadaraja Sriskandarajah (Sweden), Dr Murugar Gunasingham (Australia), Dr Sivanendran Seevanayagam (Australia), Dr A.L. Vasanthakumar (UK), Ms Karen Parker (USA), Dr N Jeyalingam (USA), Mr Selva Sivarajah (Australia), Mr Paul Williams (Netherlands) and Professor Peter Schalk (Sweden) have agreed to function as Advisory Committee members, the release had said.

Speaking to Asian Tribune, Government Spokesperson for Defense and National Security, Minister Keheliya Rambukkawella said even after the Tigers were vanquished on the battle ground, the LTTE network is working overtime to `down play our victory and the achievement of our forces`. He said the government is determined to checkmate the new game as well.

He cautioned that Anyone who support terrorist organization and terrorism and challenges the sovereignty of Sri Lanka, the intelligence agents of Sri Lanka and the defense authority, with our friends overseas are quite capable of hunting down them and charging them for treason against the country.

Colombo. 10 August (Asiantribune.com):
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Those challenging Sri Lanka s sovereignty to be dealt seriously
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